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RiverBend Bank

Welcome to RiverBend Bank

If you had an active RiverBend Bank Internet Banking account, you may log in to our new website by entering your Login ID above and then clicking the Log In button.

The next screen will ask for your secret answer, which will be your Login ID followed by the last 4 digits of the social security number that you supplied when you set up your previous Internet Banking account. If you supply the correct secret answer, the system will then walk you through selecting your new security questions, your new security image and phrase, and your new password.

Consumer Alert

RiverBend Bank has reviewed the recent vulnerability threat published last week named, “HeartBleed.” We have been assured by our core processor provider that our systems have not been affected by this vulnerability. However, as a precaution it is always a good idea to change your account passwords periodically to combat Identity Theft; therefore, if you decide to change your password and/or security questions, please sign on to Internet Banking and click the, “settings,” tab to change them. You should receive an email advising you of your changes.